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Nitro Athletics




Get yourself in a sheets are available HERE. Get some friends or new buddies, create you own team name and let us know! Email your completed team sheet to or bring it to the canteen on Friday night. Also email us if you can't find a team and we will place you in one. 

Athletes will compete in their team throughout the night, we will arrange teams at the start of the night to ensure everyone gets a chance to compete.


Modified long jump – one or two foot take off from edge of long jump run up. Two attempts per team member with longest jump recorded for each athlete. Age groups Tot’s to U8 can start from five (5) metre board, U9 – U12 can start from three (3) metre board and U13 and greater can start from the one (1) metre board. No foot can be past the starting board when commencing run up. Recorders at event only need to record the best jump distance for each athlete. Team score is based on the total of each athlete’s best jump multiplied by 10. Eg. athlete 1 = 1.26, athlete 2 = 2.15, athlete 3 = 1.95 and athlete 4 = 2.64 Total distance is 8.00 metres x 10 = 80 points.

10 second run (sprint track) - athletes start at 100m start and when the gun fires they run as far as the can until the starters gun fires a second time and then the athletes stop. The track is marked in 10 metre intervals and where the athlete is located on the track at the second gun is the distance. Recorders need to record distance in whole 10’s for each athlete determined by the last distance marker they past.  Eg athlete 1 = 30, athlete 2 = 60m, athlete 3 = 50m and athlete 4 = 70. Total distance is 210 metres = 210 points.

Throwing event – Throwing items are various and are selected for three (3) specific age groupings (Tots – U8, U9 – U12 and U13 and higher). Athletes must throw an item from their age grouping. Team members each throw their selected item from the marked line. Scores are based on where the item stops. Points can be gained through distance and or accuracy with the item stopping inside the bonus hoop. One throw attempt per athlete. The distance for the throws plus any bonus points are recorded by the recorders. Eg. athlete 1 = 15 points + 50, athlete 2 = 40 points, athlete 3 = 30 points + 50 bonus points and athlete 4 = 15 points Total = 200 points.

800 metre Swedish relay (outside track) – all athletes in the team must participate in the relay. Minimum distance an athlete can run is 50 metres and the maximum distance an athlete can run is 200 metres. The first runner for the team starts at the 400M start line and the team remains in the same lane for the first lap. At the commencement of the second lap the athletes can cross over to lane one. The track is marked in 50 metre intervals to show potential changeover locations. Recorders need to record the time for each team as they finish the race. Points are determined against the fastest time recorded for a team with all slower times receiving a deduction in points based on percentage. Eg Team 1 = 2 minutes 25 sec (100% of fastest time) 100 points, Team 2 = 2 minutes 40 sec (90.6% of fastest time) 90.6 points, Team 3 = 2 minutes 30 sec (96.6% of fastest time) 96.6 points and Team 4 = 3 minutes 00 sec (80.5% of fastest time) 80.5 points.

Teams will need to cycle through events and go to the canteen after each event to update their score tally and collect results sheet for the next event. Final results will be announced on the night!


Wear what you like, no age group patches, athlete number or ANL uniforms required. Feel free to dress up and represent your team...


We're aiming to have some prizes for our wining teams. If you have anything you would like to donate or have a business keen for sponsorship let us know before friday at 

Remember up to 8 athletes per team and we are looking for items appropriate for all age groups.


Yes we will still need parents to help, we will have a copy of the registered teams and you can sign off next to your athletes.